Tar and Abby

Monday, May 1, 2017

May is... Volcano Month!

On Twitter this morning:
"May is in State.
 Are you ready for an eruption?"

Not really....

Pictured Mt. St. Helens, which last had a major eruption in 1980,
and Mt. Rainier.
Also 'active' Mt. Adam's (closer to us) and Mt. Baker, up by the girls
in NW WA.

We were in Southern Idaho when Mt. St. Helens went up. I have a funny
letter from a 7-yr-old niece at the time. She described her day and proceeded
to write, in all caps - THEN THE ASH FELL!!!


anne marie in philly said...

IDK about living with volcanoes or earthquakes on the west coast...

how are the gnomes and tar & abby?

the dogs' mother said...

All are fine. Still waiting to hear about the
new xray of Tar. He's walking well.

mistress maddie said...

We have no volcanoes here, but after some of my dinners..........

Bob Slatten said...

My Dad also lived near Mt Baker.
I remember Mt St Helens eruption, and then just about ten years ago, while visiting the Left Coats, Carlos and I went up there. Still an eerie spot all these years later!

Jeanne said...

I well remember my days of living in the NW. How the phone book had a section of what to do in case of earthquake, volcanic eruption, zombie apocalypse ...wait - the zombies weren't in there.
I remember my mom always paid close attention to the rumblings and grumblings of all the local mountains.

Mr. Shife said...

I remember Mt. St Helens. We were living in North Dakota at the time and the ash made its way all the way over there.