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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bertha Arrives!

 This has been a long time Seattle project. Replace the freeway that runs over the top of the nice shoreline tourist destination along the waterfront of Seattle. We had to park under the freeway and
walk to the crossing. Noisy and a bit scary. Map above shows the shoreline district and the planned destination of Bertha the tunnel boring machine.

This picture was taken today. Bertha is just on the other side. They've had a tv camera
on it and it is noisy, men yelling and then a gush of water came out the bottom. Then dust everywhere. They had to move news folks back and start spraying all the dust with water.
 And Bertha arrived!!!
Now to build a road thru it. 


anne marie in philly said...

I visited seattle once. I could not understand why (a) this ugly road closed off the sound and (b) why the streets run in all directions without a logical plan.

the underground tour was pretty cool, as was pike place market and the space needle. and starbucks cawfee (philly pronunciation).

how are the gnomes? have they emerged from their bunker to face the spring?

the dogs' mother said...

Just this last weekend they ventured outside.
Will get a picture and post it soon!

Bob Slatten said...

It's The Big Dig, Seattle-style. i'm so glad it will open up the views, and streets and foot traffic, to the Sound. So nice.

mistress maddie said...

The last time someone said Bertha Arrives...it was a 310 drag queen.

I'm confused with what that big thing in the picture is. Is that the machine that digs and grinds through the tunnel to hollow it out?

the dogs' mother said...

Yes, that is what it is. It spins and grinds out the tunnel. For a while it was the biggest one in the world but now someone has a larger one - not sure which country...

mrs.missalaineus said...



Sadie J said...

Looks like something from a sci-fi movie!