Tar and Abby

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Science March in Seattle

Girls at Science March in Seattle. 40s and rainy but that doesn't stop Science! :-)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Tar is on drugs....

Lots of drugs and more to come.
Many overbred large dogs have congenital defects in their joints. Tar's is in his left hind hock from puppyhood. We never saw his father, except in a picture, with nothing to gauge his size. Anyway Tar is way above breed standard and now we've got another set of more extensive xrays on Monday and, possibly, surgery in his near future.
A) not happy with breeders B) will adopt a mixed breed next time C) the tax on one of Tar's meds is $18 a bottle. The state does not tax humans on their meds or food. They do for animals. D) Abby is being nice to her brother :-) E) He is more loopy than usual.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving weekend in Seattle

We had about ten cars and twenty people to move three people to Eldest and DIL's new house. Loooong day. I spent most of it doggy sitting my grand-doggy and DIL's 7 year old nephew who spent a lot of time in an old, rotten shed on their new property searching for 'treasure'. I took away a Swiss Army knife he found. He kept saying 'this will be useful but my Dad will probably call it junk.'
Daughter and Youngest Son came to help. Was a good time and two great dinners out. One right on the Sound. Rain the first day but sun for moving day. Yeah!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gnomes venture outside!

A new gnome house!
The stuff on the right hand side are hull less sunflower seeds I put there for the squirrels (DON'T tell Abby!!!) It is at the side of the deck next to a big snowball bush so easy for the squirrels to get to and Abby can't see up on the table it sits on. So she can be right outside the door and the squirrels can be chowing down, out of sight, supervised by the gnomes whilst they drink their beer. If Tar comes over then all bets are off and much barking goes on.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bertha Arrives!

 This has been a long time Seattle project. Replace the freeway that runs over the top of the nice shoreline tourist destination along the waterfront of Seattle. We had to park under the freeway and
walk to the crossing. Noisy and a bit scary. Map above shows the shoreline district and the planned destination of Bertha the tunnel boring machine.

This picture was taken today. Bertha is just on the other side. They've had a tv camera
on it and it is noisy, men yelling and then a gush of water came out the bottom. Then dust everywhere. They had to move news folks back and start spraying all the dust with water.
 And Bertha arrived!!!
Now to build a road thru it.