Tar and Abby

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Tar. Again. On a day The Engineer had to leave for a meeting. He tossed some skunk stuff we have on him. I lighted a scented candle, put some spice scented water on to boil. Sprayed the house with Free-Breeze and am waiting to 9am when the dog wash opens. Luckily Daughter is home to help.
Rest of the kids here on Friday. Just what we need running up to the holidays.
UPDATE: It took three women to get Tar's carcass into the tube. We washed him with Dawn, baking soda and more skunk stuff. The house... smells pretty good.


mistress maddie said...

Like we had to ask you got it. Poor thing you. Are you able to crack windows? Luckily buster or I have never been sprayed. Yet.

anne marie in philly said...

tar tar tar - naughty doggie! now look what your mommy has to do (like she doesn't have enough already to do)!

Bob Slatten said...

He was just having fun and then the skunk made a big stink out of it.

See what I did there?

Sadie J said...

We live by a field and a woods and some early mornings, when the the weather is nice and the windows are open, we get a good wiff but thankfully none of our animals have ever rangled with a skunk and brought it inside. But Mom's dog did and it took forever to get rid of the smell!