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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sandhill Cranes

 Picture is of some visiting here along the Yakima River.

"Sandhill Cranes migrating to northwestern Canada and Alaska stop in eastern Washington near Othello (Adams County) and west to Royal City (Grant County), with peak numbers reaching 15,000 in early April. After refueling, they often also stop near Mansfield (Douglas County) before continuing north through the Okanogan Valley. Some cranes migrate on the west side of the Cascades, moving north through the Puget Trough or along the coast. In the fall, cranes use similar routes to make their way south. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge" (by Mt. St. Helens - what is left of it :-) "and nearby agricultural fields in southwest Washington are regular wintering spots."

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Bob Slatten said...

Graceful birds.

anne marie in philly said...

pretty; wildlife is fascinating!

Jeanne said...

Cool photo! Two weeks ago was the Sandhill Crane Festival in a small town in the southern part of Colorado - near where I grew up. Hundreds of cranes land at a wildlife refuge there as a stop over on their migration. I can remember being so fascinated by them as a kid. There were so many, they were so noisy and it was so great to be able to see them! :o)

Mr. Shife said...

15,000? Wow. That's a lot of poop.