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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

warning! math post!

In my time of tutoring I have had to tutor math. I loves it. I took a student and got him up to 2 years past his grade level (5-7) Loved the look on the administration's faces when they observed that.
But the reason the student and I did so well is we learned it together and we had fun.

So the book is this:  The Math Myth: And other STEM delusions by Andrew Hacker

The article about the book had an equation: (y + -3) x 2 = 4y - 12
I solved using my own rather strange way. Did I get it right? Well, I looked it up. And yes, I did, but OMG! No wonder kids get discouraged!

[y + -3] * 2 = 4y + -12

Reorder the terms:
[-3 + y] * 2 = 4y + -12

Reorder the terms for easier multiplication:
2[-3 + y] = 4y + -12
[-3 * 2 + y * 2] = 4y + -12
[-6 + 2y] = 4y + -12

Reorder the terms:
-6 + 2y = -12 + 4y

-6 + 2y = -12 + 4y

Solving for variable 'y'.

Move all terms containing y to the left, all other terms to
the right.

Add '-4y' to each side of the equation.
-6 + 2y + -4y = -12 + 4y + -4y

Combine like terms: 2y + -4y = -2y
-6 + -2y = -12 + 4y + -4y

Combine like terms: 4y + -4y = 0
-6 + -2y = -12 + 0
-6 + -2y = -12

Add '6' to each side of the equation.
-6 + 6 + -2y = -12 + 6

Combine like terms: -6 + 6 = 0
0 + -2y = -12 + 6
-2y = -12 + 6

Combine like terms: -12 + 6 = -6
-2y = -6

Divide each side by '-2'.
y = 3

y = 3

Friday, March 25, 2016

bunny cam

We have a little creek and habitat that runs thru our subdivision.
 Now we have a bunny cam on it. :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sandhill Cranes

 Picture is of some visiting here along the Yakima River.

"Sandhill Cranes migrating to northwestern Canada and Alaska stop in eastern Washington near Othello (Adams County) and west to Royal City (Grant County), with peak numbers reaching 15,000 in early April. After refueling, they often also stop near Mansfield (Douglas County) before continuing north through the Okanogan Valley. Some cranes migrate on the west side of the Cascades, moving north through the Puget Trough or along the coast. In the fall, cranes use similar routes to make their way south. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge" (by Mt. St. Helens - what is left of it :-) "and nearby agricultural fields in southwest Washington are regular wintering spots."

source of text

Now the man built a nest in the tree - day 2

UPDATE - Man came down, loaded into ambulance, hope they can help him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

update - man in tree

 This morning: Wednesday:
UPDATE: The is still there at the start of the AM commute. Olive Way closed 3rd-4th Ave and Stewart closed 4th-5th Ave.

Last Night:
Update: 46m46 minutes ago
Reminder: still there. Response has Olive Way from 3rd-4th and Stewart St from 4th-5th Ave closed. Use alt routes.

Only in Seattle?

Man sitting in a tree in downtown Seattle. Refuses to come down.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

high school scientists

Image result for Caenorhabditis elegans, public domain 

This fellow/lady is a round worm or, Caenorhabditis elgans.
A small town high school, close to us, has been awarded a $7000 grant to conduct scientific studies of the worm. Real science, high school kids, worms - what could be better?
I loved biology in high school and loved it in college. One of many majors I wish I could have crammed in. We ran our own unofficial biology lab in the house where we housed and fed any number of critters the neighborhood tribe brought to us. Favorite memory neighbor boy calling to me, while I was making dinner, 'Mrs. P! Mrs. P! Look - it is eating the guts out!! You gotta see this!'
(Preying mantis eating a grasshopper - nature is nature and boys will be boys :-)


Sunday, March 13, 2016

oh, Canada

Clicken to embiggen.
Blather at its finest.
The last line.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


at the dog park -
world's smallest Labrador next to her brother, the world's largest Labrador.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Do we really want to be doing this?

Okay, it is more dignified than back to back Sasquatch conferences...
Local scientists are helping to smash atoms.
Smashing atoms - doesn't that lead to bad things?
And there is more -
"Scientists expect it to do a better job than similar accelerators at creating rare particles, perhaps even dark matter, that could provide information about why there seem to be exceptions to the standard model of particle physics. They are looking for the “new physics,” beyond the standard model, that ruled the early universe."
Dark matter... New physics...
And -
"Massive amounts of data are expected to be generated during a decade of accelerator operation. The amount of data also will scale up by a factor of 50, Fast said.
It will be one of the largest scientific samples of data ever, exceeding all the written works in the history of the world several times over, according to PNNL."
All this is happening in Japan. So if a black hole all of a sudden swallows up Japan...
Entire article here

Read more here: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/pacific-northwest-national-lab/article63726392.html#storylink=cpy"

Read more here: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/pacific-northwest-national-lab/article63726392.html#storylink=cpy"

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We are host to two, yes, two International Conferences on the Sasquatch. One this weekend and one in September.
I could have contributed to this madness... in my time as a graphic artist I once added 'here be Sasquatch' onto a map. What have I done?
conferenceS story here