Tar and Abby

Monday, December 21, 2015

I love truck drivers!!!

The girls (daughter and emergency back up daughter #2) decided to drive over the pass today.
(worry, worry, worry). They will not let you drive over unless you have chains on. So they
bought chains and a very nice, very wonderful truck driver helped them put them on. They
are over the pass. Still have a smaller pass to get over. Only about 50-ish or so miles that
do not have snow at this point on our side. Boys and DIL are planning to drive on Wednesday.
Crossing all fingers and toes.


mistress maddie said...

Yikes!!! I had no idea there was that much snow already there. I aint even driving... just looking at that picture I have white knuckles. Hope all arrive safe and warm!

anne marie in philly said...

ew ew ew! I would NOT want to drive over that! hope all arrive safe and sound and SOON!

Bob Slatten said...

Lord, i used to drive in the snow in the Sierras to visit my folks and it is so nerve-wracking.
Nice of that trucker to stop and help, though, yeah?

Sadie J said...

Yes, I can definitely do without that! (and seeing as how it is unseasonable warm here at the moment, it's not a problem!)