Tar and Abby

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And I love tow truck drivers too!!

So the girls got over the pass thanks to the wonderful truck driver who helped them put on their chains. Then a light came on in the car. Pull over to the rest stop. Get out the owner's manual. Bad light to be on. Then the car would only run in reverse. Okay, really bad. Called AAA. 1-3 hours, understandable as 3/4 of the state was in a state of weather crisis.

Tow truck driver arrived. Got the car loaded up. Then a lady, in distress, came along and asked if he could help get their car back on the road at the rest stop's entrance back onto the highway. Tow truck driver said okay. And he tried, bless his heart. Turns out they were in a ditch. And..... tow truck eventually ended up in the ditch too with Daughter's car on the back.

Tow truck driver had to call a tow truck.

(The Engineer picked up the girls where they left the car to be fixed (2 hours from here) and they all got home at 11pm. A five hour trip turned into 15 hour trip. Eldest, DIL and Youngest will try the trip on Wednesday!)


mrs.missalaineus said...

just glad part of the fam is home and safe. how are the boys doing on their own trek??

sounds like you got some extra white for your x-mas, it's almost 60 degrees here and raining...


the dogs' mother said...

Boys and DIL are trying on Wednesday. This storm will be over and it *should* be much better!

Bob Slatten said...

That's was a Murphy's Law trip if I ever heard one!

anne marie in philly said...

oy gevalt! such an ordeal! hope wednesday's trip goes much better.

we are expecting 75F for xmess. put on shorts and go to the beach weather here!

Jeanne said...

At least everyone is safe. :o) Growing up in rural Colorado, I can remember many a night and lots of storms that my neighbor who was a tow truck driver going out to help out stranded people. I think tow truck drivers are really under-appreciated!