Tar and Abby

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Smoke, smoke and more smoke

Good parlor game. Watch the news people try and get the names correct of all the towns and places we have fires (24).
We will take smoke over a fire. 


Bob Slatten said...

They are really having a field day back here with the stories, and, after having lived so many years in California, I am stunned by how many names they get wrong and how many locations, too.
Apparently the smoke from a fire in Southern California is affecting nearby Sacramento .... about 400 miles away??

anne marie in philly said...

is your personal home (and the gnomes) threatened by any of these fires? I would be scared to death!

the dogs' mother said...

Not any of these fires.
We did have a huge one out on the
nuclear reservation years back.
I slept out in the livingroom with
the tv on. The Engineer had to work
the ER-Media response center.I think
it was about 150,000 acres.

Jeanne said...

Horrible! I have been trying to keep track of the fires. So terrible! And the way the news reporter butcher the names....equally as terrible!