Tar and Abby

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Comedy of Errors

Due to kids moving hither and yon we were on the road this weekend.
What could go wrong?
First our truck had problems so we waited half the day to get fixed.
Because of schedules and other concerns it was only The Engineer
and two girls loading a 15 foot UHaul with everything.
N's stepdad would be driving the truck the next day.
We took off early to deliver a very large bed and mattresses to Eldest
and DIL. They have a duck pond at their new place and adorable
ducks coming by for treats. :-)
On the road north, at 10pm the truck blew up.
Diesel all over the roadway on an exit ramp we got to.
Took AAA two and a half hours to get there but they were great
when they did.
About every 5th car stopped and asked if we needed help including
a navy guy who got out of his truck and walked back to us.
State trooper babysat us on and off for a long time and he and the
tow truck drivers made sure whatever spilled was saturated with sand
and dirt.
Dropped off the truck and trailer at 1.30am.
Tow truck driver took us to the hotel. Bless him.
On the fourth floor of the hotel - no elevator.
Room was 45 degrees (yes!) - got it up to 61 overnight.
There is a step up into the bathroom - so far we have not tripped.
The car fix it place, which is supposed to be open today. Is Not Open.
The Engineer is off to rent a car.
Oh. And my wallet is missing.
Might be still in the truck - turns out the car fix it place is in a
sketchy area of town.
The moving truck with the girls is about 3 hours late but they are safe.
The Engineer found my wallet in the truck (he had to rent a car) but
the people still were not open. Call AAA. They will move it to another
place. They did not show up. They went to the other place.... The Engineer
told them to forget it. Back to the girls new place as the Uhaul was there.
The wonderful landlords helped us move stuff in and left a gift basket,
bless their hearts.
We left the truck and took our rental car (which was Canadian and fun
to figure out how to run it with the metric system) and took a scenic
route home. NOT my favorite pass. Ate dinner at 10pm north of
here and got home at 1.30am. We and the dogs (who had a babysitter)
fell into bed and we all slept until 9am.
Off to return the rental car to the airport.


anne marie in philly said...

sweet mother of pearl! and then what happened?

mrs.missalaineus said...

jeez. hope they can get the truck repaired and home soon-


Bob Slatten said...

It sounds like a Murphy's Law kind of day, though it was nice that people stopped to see if they could help out.

Jeanne said...

Good Grief! I don't think anyone could have written a more complex and disastrous scenario! Glad everyone is okay!