Tar and Abby

Saturday, June 27, 2015

oh gawd, I'm so embarrassed I'm wearing....

a Thundershirt.
All part of our ongoing campaign to save $132 a month for the vet to sedate him and trim his Tar's  nails.

Today we had a great game of Chase Abby and Fetch to tire him out. Then he got his calming pill. Then he got his Thundershirt on. And then, once again we tried his nails... I am just not strong enough to hold him down (I miss youngest) while The Engineer tries to trim them.

So The Engineer and I took him to the dog wash and, after being washed and dried, he got about half his nails done - this is after 2 weeks from the vet techs, four of them, holding him down. We are slowly getting his nails done. We will go back mid-July to the dog wash. This time water only to distract him and the blow dryer. 

Why is it the biggest dog we've ever had is the most neurotic?


mistress maddie said...

That is a cute picture and Buster didn't even laugh. He says he feels sorry Tar was pictured,lol! But what exactly is a thundershirt???

the dogs' mother said...

Apparently it gives a dog a feeling of security. Mostly
used for dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms.

Bob Slatten said...

We just did the cats yesterday with me holding them and Carlos doing the trimming. It's a struggle, so I cannot imagine holding down a Big Lab!

Jeanne said...

I know the feeling! Our 125lb Malamute is such a whimp! We have a cat that is braver than he!

Sam said...

Well, Tell dear Tar that cousin Maxine is just terrified to bits over the rain. I have a thundershirt that she shakes in. Bless his heart!!! It's been way way to long and yes many are still over at evil facebook. I keep in contact and have visited Joy regularly. It's nice there, you should create a bogus page so you can join us all. Bob is even there!!!
I will catch up on your blog a little at a time, you know the ADD is still in me.
Froggy it's so good to see you still carrying a torch for the blog world!!!
Carry on Ho, love Tug. P.S. I was married legally on September 3rd after twenty years of torture.

the dogs' mother said...

Hello Sam! And congratulations! Hope to see you more. Facebook is not for me much. Mostly I use it to keep track of youngest.... ;-)