Tar and Abby

Monday, April 27, 2015

frog eggs!

Pacific Chorus frogs like vernal ponds. There are no fish in them to eat the eggs and tadpoles. They are warmer than bigger ponds so the eggs go thru metamorphosis to froglet much quicker. Which is good as the vernal ponds dry up after spring. My ponding friend sets out tubs with plants in them for them to use as breeding and I get a bunch of eggs.
Our big pond, while it was here, was too full of fish for them. I've made several habitats like this for them on my deck. 


mistress maddie said...

How many frogs do you get, and do they get big? Would it not be over crowded? Are there plans for another pond?

Sadie J said...

When the kids were little we had a fish aquarium and we had some tadpoles one summer. It was fun to watch them develop and grow.

mrs.missalaineus said...

this is cool- haven't seen any tadpoles here yet, but it's been too cold to geocache much.


the dogs' mother said...

The froglets, when transformed, are about the size of my thumbnail. The grow to about two inches long. They live the rest of their lives in the trees. Very close cousins to tree frogs and are always mistaken for them.
There is a plan for a frog only pond when The Engineer retires and we move to coast to be closer to all the kids. And a plan for a fish pond and plans for a stream.... ;-)

mistress maddie said...

They really are little froglets!!!! So small. I bet they are so cute!!!! I never saw one so small.

Jeanne said...

How very cool! :o) I so loved the tree frogs when we lived in Louisiana. I miss their evening chorus!