Tar and Abby

Monday, April 20, 2015

ak! Now Captain Kirk is after us!

He wants to transporter our water.

From Seattle... (psst Captain, the point of Seattle is that water falls there in individual droplets and the Puget Sound is full of salt water).

He plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30 billion.

Okay, so you raise the money - there are few things to consider - three state governments, environmental impact studies, some endangered critters here and there.
Oh, and we're having a drought too!!!

Now the Columbia River (which is mentioned in the article) dumps a lot of water in to the Pacific Ocean every day. And they have mulled it over in the past - taking water from the river. But - now you are involving another country. We are still trying to rewrite and reconfigure the treaty that governs the river. And add in a few Native American and First Nation tribes to that equation.

Nothing is ever easy. Or quick.

Full story here


Bob Slatten said...

If people could 'transporter' water, they'd be doing it in California!

Jeanne said...

Hubby & I were wondering how long it would take before someone would suggest diverting water from the NW to Calif. If I remember correctly, that has been suggested before. I think it would be cheaper & easier to desalinate the Pacific Ocean.