Tar and Abby

Monday, March 16, 2015

Today it was me backing up at the train crossing

to make sure the mini van in front of me knew it could get out of the way of the train and lowering clanging bars.

They say that we have about 2,500 train/vehicle collisions a year.

This one was almost the train's fault.

The van in front of me had passed over the line where you are supposed to stop when the bars come down. It was moving onto the first set of tracks - and then, out of nowhere there was a train right at the boundary of the track and the road, a horn blaring, the bars lowering and the lights clanging.

The van got backed up before getting clocked by the bars.

The train, it turns out, was not going too fast as it stopped in front of us, people got out
and went about some kind of trainy business. But still it could have seriously damaged the

I suppose they thought since they were only three cars and were stopping and starting they didn't
need to warn anyone until they scared two drivers (me and the other one) half to death. This is a busy
street with three crossings and six tracks on it.

I may have to find another way to get to school...

Moral of this story is - those collisions aren't always the driver's fault.
Be careful and don't count on the warnings, that may come too late, to save you.


Bob Slatten said...

I've always noticed that school buses always stop at RR tracks, and then proceed. That might be best when you have situations like the one you saw.

Sadie J said...

I thought the gates were automatic? That would be horrifying! We live by a track and a young man got hit last year. It's always a fear when I hear a train hit it's brakes. Horrible noise.

the dogs' mother said...

The Engineer and I think that the train was stopping and starting and that may have messed it up? Not sure why the gate came down when the horn blared but glad it did not hit the other van. Us mom-vans have to stick together!

Jeanne said...

WoW! That was scary just reading about it! I really wish something would be done about train crossings! You'd think with all this modern technology, a better crossing signal/warning could be invented.....

mistress maddie said...

I got white hair just reading the regale.