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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So.... does your cat love you?

One of the books I've written for my 10 nieces and nephews is this one -
The other day I read it to the little girl I tutor. She liked it. :-)
She has a couple dogs and a cat. So I thought, in our final five minutes of each session, we could start taking notes about how her cat loves her and turn it into a book.
Now, being allergic to cats I don't know very much about them.
For fun I entered in 'how your cat loves you' into Amazon.
And the first book up was this ----


Okay, you cat people out there, I need input!


anne marie in philly said...

yes, my 3 furcatkids love me. I have nyla sitting next to me as I type this; she is purring her deep sound. my other 2 are asleep somewhere in the house. it's almost 2a here.

they love like dogs love their humans, except the cats use the litter box.

Jeanne said...

Well......I may have to have Gomez give you help there. ;o)
I like to think that Cats show us ♥ by laying on our lap and purring, but then maybe that is just a self-serving way of getting warm on a chilly winter day. Or maybe they will sleep with you, but once again that is a way to stay warm.
Hhhmmm.....maybe Gomez does need to give his input!

Bob Slatten said...

Tuxedo--the Most Handsome-est Cat ever--loves me by sleeping with me, and on me, every night; he loves me by actually running to the door and greeting me when i come home; he loves me by sitting on a high shelf in the closet so we can chat while I change my clothes.
He IS love.

Now, MaxGoldberg loves me because he warms my feet when I sleep, and he bows his head for me to kiss it when i ask him; yes, he really does that.

Consuelo Roca-Jones loves me because we rescued her and changed her name from Molly to a more flamboyant, Calico-suitable Consuelo. And because I give her bits of toast at the breakfast table each day.

Mostly they love us because we love them right back.

Greg said...

Our cats aren't trying to murder us. They simply tolerate our presence or otherwise ignore us. Unless we bring out the kitty treats; then they raise a ruckus.

S'A said...

Jinx showed his love by taking over my desk while I was trying to work, using my headphones as a pillow. Roscoe just climbed up on my shoulders and purred (loudly)in my ear, vibrating my whole body. But my neck was always warm!