Tar and Abby

Friday, November 14, 2014

Enjoying fall

One of our maples.
We are lucky to have large parks all along our rivers. The school I tutor at is in the next town which allows me to drive along the park and river and enjoy all the trees, water, squirrels and the kamikaze geese standing in the middle of the road.


Bob Slatten said...


That's what i love about fall is all the different colors in the trees!

anne marie in philly said...

looks like da trees in mah hood!

Jeanne said...


Jeanne said...

Kamikaze Geese??????

the dogs' mother said...

The geese, who live at the duck pond, are mostly escapees from farms. They are the white farm geese. Several times a day they decide to cross the road (why did the goose cross the road?) They slowly amble across the road, a couple at time - deciding to stop in the middle to contemplate the meaning of the Universe. Their supreme indifference to their safety makes them kamikaze.