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Friday, October 24, 2014

Found this article interesting

Teacher spends two days as a high school student and is shocked at what she learns.

I have tutored all ages of school kids.
Right now I'm blessed with two adorable third graders.

I agreed with all of this article.


Jeanne said...

WoW! The information in that article was spot on. I wish more teachers would read this!

Jeanne said...

p.s. Thanks for sharing!

mistress maddie said...

First off, thank you for your birthday wish! What a wonderful article. I'll have to share this with my uncle. He taught Physics and bio at Rutgers when they lived in Jersey, but when they moved back to Harrisburg he went to work with high school level students at a private school, same subjects. He always would say he kept his classes entertaining and interactive boy all the while they were learning. One Halloween he even borrowed one of my wigs!!!!! He was a favorite teacher and the students always hoped they got him. He has since retired., but subs now for them when a teacher can't make it in. I must send him this link. I have the feeling your one of the teachers I would have loved.

the dogs' mother said...

Your uncle is one of the gems. You remember them all your life. xoxoxo