Tar and Abby

Monday, July 21, 2014

fire makes the news

On MSNBC this morning. The fireline is 100 miles long.
It is in a part of WA that transitions from dry grasses and sage brush to evergreens.
We used to live north of here and that area is being used to evac the towns in the
way. So far the smoke is going north and east - no fun for those folks in the way - but
not down here. It is usual in the summer to have weeks of smoky weather.


Bob Slatten said...

Not good; reminds me of living in California during Fire Season.

S'A said...

I have a friend that lives in Colorado and it seems like she goes through the same thing every year.

Jeanne said...

I have been seeing daily updates on the fire in Washington on both morning & evening news. And the smoke from the fire has been drifting this way. The smoke was so bad on Saturday that my eyes burned & watered.

Katy Noelle said...

The hills above my home in Southern California used to burn about every 7 years. The brush, actually, has oils in it so that it will - part of the eco system, eh? I'm sure it's the same for you and you know all about it. I used to hate the black hills, though. But they would seed it and, then, the next winter, the hills would be so green I could pretend that I lived in Scotland. ;)

btw, we've been getting cloudy skies and the smell of smoke from your fires all the way here in Vermont. Hard to fathom!

Glad you're alright! :)