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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celebrate dyslexia

This fellow, Thomas G. West, has written a number of books about dyslexia and provided me with a lot of comfort over the years.
All three kids are dyslexic, to some degree, like The Engineer. Youngest is the most severe.
One thing Youngest has noted is how many dyslexics he runs into in the computer field. They have talked about it informally online.
Mr. West is giving a talk at SIGGRAPH (computer graphics and interactive techniques) - a few takeaways from his proposal -

"in recent years in many fields, it is becoming increasingly clear that dyslexics are capable of creating scenes and devising solutions that are beyond the reach even the smartest non-dyslexics. It is also becoming increasingly clear that all of this is because of the dyslexia, not in spite of it."


"Accordingly, they say it is high time for us to begin to recognize and understand and learn how to deal with these puzzling extremes in talent – the unexpected academic weaknesses that are often associated with special capabilities and success in both life and work. Schools, they say, almost never teach or test what dyslexics are good at – but life does. This is especially true for the many artists and technologists who work in computer graphics."

They put them in special ed. They fail them at tests which require extensive reading and writing. They do not let them use adaptive technology. They fail them at state tests. They put them in the ER with anxiety attacks about the next test. While other kids are enjoying summer they are put in more writing classes. 

  West's post here.


mrs.missalaineus said...

preach it!


S'A said...

My son's not dyslexic, but he never learned well in the traditional school environment, resulting in him graduating bottom of his class (even though he's quite intelligent) and doing an extra year. I tried to work with the school and got nowhere. Frustrating for everyone involved!

Jeanne said...

I very good post! I wish more people would realize the untapped talent in those 'who do not fit into society's nice neat little stencil'. Dyslexia, ADHD, and ADD are two of some of the many misunderstood personalities. I read that Einstein, if he would have been born in this day and age, would have been diagnosed with ADD. And then he would have been medicated and we would not have the discoveries that he had made.

Bob Slatten said...

Not everyone learns the same way, the same speed, the same things that others do.