Tar and Abby

Thursday, April 3, 2014

solar power fountain

Since the pond is being filled in I've been putting up alternate water sources around the yard
for critters (including The Squirrel - don't tell Abby). This is a solar powered one that is working
on a high overcast day. In regular sun it sends up a pretty spray.

Put it next to two containers of creeping jenny. The rocks are my attempt to keep The Engineer
from frying them with his flame thrower weeding method. Will have to add some around the
water tub.


Bob Slatten said...

What a cool--no pun intended --idea!

mistress maddie said...

Great idea! The gnomes can use it to deep sea dive! Does this mean no more pond altogether? And no more frogs? Oh it was such a beautiful oasis.

the dogs' mother said...

The pond may become a stream, it may become a shallow play area. I have a big 100 gallon stock tank set up for the frogs :-)

Jeanne said...

Look at all he green grass! {{sigh}} The creatures - both 2 & 4 legged/big and small - are going to enjoy the water.