Tar and Abby

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gnomes are ready for invaders!!

I've ordered this from http://www.whimsicalfairygarden.com/index.html
The shop is outside Atlanta and called Sleepy Hollow. Wonderful fairyhouses and bird houses created by a former Disney artist.

The gnomes are worried.
I've already turfed them out of one of their habitats.
Could hobbits, dwarfs and wizards be next?
(Don't tell them I've already got a dragon...)


anne marie in philly said...

cute! what do the gnomes think?

the dogs' mother said...

They are concerned, experiencing consternation and confusion.
They want swords (for the dragon)

Bob Slatten said...

I sense a coming diversity education program for the gnomes.

the dogs' mother said...

I just hope Gollum doesn't show up.

Jeanne said...

Oh My! I do believe there may be a moat built or a fence or even a Great Wall! I know how possessive Gnomes can be about their belongings!