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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Federal Land, federal water, marijuana

Out here, in the West, a lot of land belongs to the federal government and that includes water.

Perhaps you heard about the cause celeb rancher in Nevada who had a problem with federal grazing rights after an endangered tortoise caused changes in the rights. (And then stepped all over his cause with his horrifying remarks.)

Out here it is time for the 'other side' to complain about federal land rights. Some farmers, who use irrigation water for their crops, are finding that federal water may be restricted because marijuana is still illegal in the federal sense.

What a tangled mess we weave.
Full story here


mrs.missalaineus said...

i remember the shock i felt when i heard that my friends in CO could not have a rain barrel because of the water rules/rights....


Jeanne said...

Interesting...I hadn't heard about this. Outdoor growing here is limited to private individuals but the State has a limited number of hemp farmers and the water ruling could very well impact them since hemp (no THC) is classified along with cannabis (with THC).