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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympic thoughts

I love the winter Olympics. I spent a good portion of my years on the ski slope. Starting at age 2. My Dad would take us up to various mountains both Saturday and Sunday. We went to Whistler, Grouse Mountain, Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, Mt Bachelor and Sun Valley a lot.

So what did I like about 2014 Olympics:
- the graphics were so pretty and colorful
- the lack of a scary mascot, never saw it if they had one.
- the hard work everyone put in to keep snow on the slopes
and tracks.
- Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski  - not a big fan of figure
skating but they were a treat to watch and listen to.
- Norwegian cross country skiers and Dutch skaters.
- the fact that my mother country won in hockey. Oh, Canada!
- all the ski boarding events - my dad, at age 60-ish actually
bought one and rode it until his doctor had a fit.
- all the smiling faces and good sportsmanship of the athletes.
- curling and the Norwegian men's pants.
- curling because, despite growing up in Canada I still don't
get it, but I loves it.
- the fans and family and supportive spectators.

What did I not like:
- please no more industrial age when depicting the history of
your country. Nobody does it well. Stick to your myths, fairy tales, music and dance.
- the whole Ukraine heartache and their poor athletes.
- Procter and Gamble and their 'thanks Mom' campaign. There is a Dad behind every athlete and if
he wasn't able to drive you to practice he was earning the money to afford the practice. And there were grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and good friends along the way.
- Subway, Coke and McDonald's - thank you very much for supporting our Olympic teams but no, you are not healthy food for the most part, especially you Coke.
- Tear jerking, heart rending stories about the athletes. It just makes me feel awful if they don't win. Make that an optional choice on your website.
- Terrorists - please let them stay quiet for the remainder of this event and the para-Olympics.
- the anti-gay run up to the games.
- the reporter who badgered the skier into tears about his deceased brother.

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Bob Slatten said...

I didn't watch much, though Carlos did, but I like both what you 'Liked' and what you 'Didn't Like'.

I saw a bit of Johnny and Tara and they were cute; I cringe at ads calling McDonalds the "official" restaurant of the games.
And, yes, let's get back to The Games, and leave the Politics and the Terrorism out of it--if only for those two weeks, I guess.