Tar and Abby

Thursday, January 23, 2014

this is a really, really bad idea!

They sent 600 ants to the space station for kids to observe for a school project.

ANTS! NEVER stay where you put them.

Right now I am battling ants who decided to come in and live behind the
There are all sorts of remedies but many would not do well slurped up by the world's biggest
Labrador. Finally decided cayenne pepper in the track of the slider where they were coming in.

No, no, no, no I told the dogs as they taste tested it. Once.

Did it work on the ants?

The next morning the ants were doing a conga line dance across the cayenne pepper.

I  broke down bought traps and taped them down. The ants wander around with absolutely
no interest in the Invitation to Death traps beckoning them.

Finally I made myself comfy, got the snozzle of the vacuum ready and vacced them up
as they exited the back of the dishwasher (I attempted to block the area with cream cheese (don't
ask) mixed with cayenne pepper. They ate it. So I am left with physical attack.

I haven't had so much *fun* since The Snake Incident

story about the potential disaster here


Bob Slatten said...

"The next morning the ants were doing a conga line dance across the cayenne pepper."

Thanks for my spit-take of the day!

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, this is a classic piece of writing!

the imagination is conjuring up ants singing: "come on shake your body baby do the conga!"

we get ants in the spring; I don't have the time to watch them dance during the day when I am not home.

mrs.missalaineus said...

we tried borax and then tony had to get something to inject into the area to seal it off.

good luck-


Jeanne said...

Ants! How I remember their relentlessness from living in warmer climates. I used borax to rid the house of them. A poison can be made with equal parts borax, honey & sugar. This can be placed on or near the nest so the ants will take it back to the nest. But be sure to place it where the Labs can't get to it. It will cause stomach irritation. And I mopped the floor with vinegar water to get rid of their scent trail. Good Luck!

{BTW - I can totally relate to your snake story. When we lived in Arkansas & Louisiana, snakes were a part of our life, albeit an unwanted one!}

mistress maddie said...

You and bugs just love each other!!!! I am currently battling Lady Bugs in my sun filled window. They are in the bedroom only. I can't bring myself to kill them. Chinese folk lore has bad luck, as I let them wander around on the window. Have no idea where they go at night.