Tar and Abby

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Seahawks Earthquake

The stadium and crowd are so loud that they set off seismic monitors.
And it was raining. And windy. Everything that is delightful about Seattle.
Graphic courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.


Bob Slatten said...

My father was probably one of those folks yelling!

anne marie in philly said...

WHOA! your team beat da saints, who beat up my team last week!

and I don't even follow football (I'mma baseball kid).

good luck next week!

PS - did the gnomes get drunk during the game?

the dogs' mother said...

Beer was had....

Jeanne said...

I realize that the Seahawk fans are a fabulous bunch that truly love their team. But did they really have to trounce the Saints like that? I know, the Seahawks haven't won a Super Bowl yet but did they really have to win? Couldn't they have waited another year and let the Saints have their day of glory? {{okay, I admit I'm a Saints fan from way back...}}
Good luck to the Seahawks next week. But I do believe that Denver will take the title this year! :0)

S'A said...

That's wild!