Tar and Abby

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hard earned snowglobe advice

What we have learned:
Do not believe everything you read on Pinterest. I could spot the trees tinting the water green after looking closely at the pictures of those cute green flocked trees.
There is no tree, or treatment, that will keep a tree from losing its color and all its texture. You are left with brown wire.
Little plastic ornaments work well.
I have yet to find a little plastic tree that meets my requirements - pretty and not kelly green.
Don't believe waterproof glue statements. Waaaay down in the tiny font they will state 'not for items left under the waterline'.
Aquarium silicone works best.
It has to dry 48 hours. 
Use enough glitter to settle on the bottom around the snowman. I like a crystal version with different subtle colors - mine is called multi-crystal glitter mix. My SIL said it was nice to watch the various colors flash as the 'snow' settled.
While I love the wavy lines in the jar on the left, bought at a craftstore, but it makes the snowman hard to see. The jar on the right is a commercial food jar. I changed the commercial jar to put the snowman on the bottom. Just to tricksy to put him in the water/glycerin mix upside down and now get the stuff everywhere. Glycerin is slimy. So now the snowman stands on the bottom of the jar.
Put in distilled water first to help mix all the components and fill most of the globe.
Add glycerin - too much glycerin and the snow stays up a long time and your subject will get bored waiting for it to settle. Just a small glug of glycerin on the right does the trick. Sorry do not have precise measurements of glug...  Glycerin is supposed to be available at your local pharmacy but mine did not carry it. They suggested Amazon. I got a nice sized container for $14.35.
Wait a couple days for everything to settle out before you declare a fail.


mistress maddie said...

Game on.....again! I admire your persistence. Is this driving you batty yet?

Bob Slatten said...

This is getting to be an ordeal.
I'm with Maddie about your persistence!

Katy Noelle said...

Ah!! Cute on Pinterest but different in real life, alas! ;) Thanks for the snow globe advice - I've been wanting to try that for ages, now! :)

(and I'm LOVING reading through your posts!)