Tar and Abby

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Latest Challenge

In the years since the twins were born I've earned money by writing magazine articles, teaching adults and kids, before and after school care for the neighborhood tribe and selling items at craft shows/stores. The hardest to do was the craft stuff.
In the beginning I hung baskets from the ceiling to store it away from little people. I moved to the windowless furnace room in this house. When the kids were older I had a corner of the family room. That corner often got taken over by the creative problem solving teams we hosted and coached. Then the punk rock band drums were set up in the corner. After the band went to college GB set up his Computer Central Command Station here. You can still see some of it to the right.
I almost had it back to mine, all mine!
Then we made the mistake of trying to move the world's oldest and heaviest hide-a-bed out to whomever wants it - Goodwill, CraigsList, Dump. It got stuck. One male and three females and we could not move it out.
So it sits. Waiting for GB and Eldest to be home for Thanksgiving. Maybe some of their friends also home. And my brother-in-law.
Maybe a chain saw.
(Goes without saying that is Abby on Squirrel Alert.)


Bob Slatten said...

Years ago, moving out of an apartment in San Francisco--high floor, higher hill--I had a sofa bed no one would take.
So I took a saw, hammer, wrench and screwdriver to it, and took it apart and piece by piece chucked it.

mistress maddie said...

Couldn't Abbey just use her connections to Satan to take care of this?

Beth said...

Hey!!!!! You're still here! Good to see you again!

mrs.missalaineus said...

i think hide-a-bed is an oxymoron. no hiding that thing!


Jeanne said...

I think everyone has had to deal with the "Curse of the Sofabed" from one time to another. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

My twins will be 21 next year! Whew! My sewing room has been moved several times, too - someday I will take over an entire bedroom - one can dream, right?