Tar and Abby

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mom! Abby has gone around the bend. Again

Abby has discovered the kitties are downstairs in Eldest bedroom. They frolic on his bed, watch and sniff the world go by thru his window. They now have a scratching board, more toys and three boxes which seem to be a very important part in the cat world.
Our asthmatics are not doing so good. Daughter has had to use her rescue inhaler twice, GB multiple times while he was here. He had to leave the house twice (luckily he has lots of friends who always willing to go to Starbucks, gym, bars, restaurants).
Our cat people have not been in contact regarding moving them. I am getting to my wit's end. The Engineer is going to call the couple we know in the cat rescue world.


S'A said...

If I was closer I would help and take them off your hands. But it's a bit of a drive and I'm out of vacation days! Hope you get relief soon.

Jeanne said...

Poor Abby! Hopefully the cat rescue people can help!

Sam said...

I would love to have a cat, but I too am highly allergic. Good luck and may the cat force be with you