Tar and Abby

Sunday, June 9, 2013

we haz shade!

When we remodeled the deck there was a plan for shade.
But alas during the project Heidi the labrador escaped and got hit by SUV.
$6k later she was good as new but the budget for the deck shade was gone.
We decided to go with shadelet with a sail shade cloth. The Engineer put it together
so I could lower it like a flag on a flag pole when it gets too windy. The pole has
a heavy granite base. The plants still get sun but we also have protection from
the sun. That's Tar there inspecting it all.


mistress maddie said...

So what your saying is it is handy to be married to a Engineer...and cool cocktail can now be enjoyed?

the dogs' mother said...

Very handy and he gave the kids all his math genes too.

Bob said...

I with Maddie, it looks like a perfect margarita spot!