Tar and Abby

Saturday, June 22, 2013

this is a pond. this is a pond on crack

This is embarrassing as heck.
Never, ever, ever put something pretty you find along the river in your pond.
I've written pond articles for four different magazines. I KNEW BETTER but thought I
could control it.
This is a 3,000 gallon pond (there is more pond behind the island) and it is stuffed with
this aquatic weed.
It is going to be drained.
And dried out.
All plants will be examined (this stuff can propagate from a sprog). This all came from
three sprogs I picked up along the river. Fish will live in the 300 gallon filter tub (only little
fish in this pond, no big koi).
I'm afraid of what I will find in there....
The Engineer will be thrilled.


poetlandia.com said...

Well, that piece of advice will get filed away in my brain. I'm totally capable of replanting from the wild. Ha.

Bob said...

It SOUNDS scary.

S'A said...

I'm trying to kill out Tiger lilies that I planted in my yard several years ago. They totally take over--I swear, I didn't know!

Katy Noelle said...

I read this before - oh, oy!! I stopped this time to say that I hope it's going along well!