Tar and Abby

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did we get transported to Seattle?

Huge downpour this morning.
With the fourth coming up we could use more.
This front is actually from Hawaii. They call it the
Pineapple Express.


Bob said...

We used to get the PE when I lived in California!
They don't have a name for the downpours we've been getting lately.

poetlandia.com said...

If only it was possible to hitch a ride on it in the other direction!

I'm in Western Massachusetts and we're getting lots of thunderstorms. It's all unplug the computer, plug in the computer, unplug the computer, and so forth. ;)

S'A said...

Here in Illinois it seems we can't turn the rain off! We got a few dry days and I think the farmers got most of the crops out, but they are really late this year. Last year we couldn't beg enough to get a couple of drops, this year it's been so wet and cool we haven't been able to get in our pool. Go figure!