Tar and Abby

Friday, May 3, 2013

fridge saga - part 3.5

So we bought a fridge thermometer to see if the fridge was working after its two therapy sessions.
Sigh.... 50 degrees this morning.
I tried scheduling online.
No tedious call menu.
Filled in all the boxes.
Came to the last page.
We would like your phone number.....
Put in phone number
and the phone rings.
Like one of those horror movies...
Yes, it is Sri Lanka calling and back to the tedious call menu.
Monday morning - next repair man visit.
This is it for the fridge - it is either risen from the dead or it laid to rest.
And we are buying more ice today.


S'A said...

Uugh! What a bother!

Bob said...

I say put it back in the box and call it a day!