Tar and Abby

Saturday, May 18, 2013

doesn't everyone spray paint their rocks?

Over ten thousand years ago a huge flood swept thru our area and with it came rocks. When the waters settled many rocks were covered in white clay. We have a bunch of these in the rock border along the roses by the fence.

It has bugged me for years. My eye is always drawn to the bright white rocks.

With The Engineer gone today I decided to spray paint them.
Rock color.
I used a whole can on all of them.

The only question is will they survive The Engineer's edging the border.
He does not use a conventional weed whacker.
He uses a flame thrower. A propane weed burner.
He has set the fence on fire. He has set the wood pile on fire.
Will hitting the spray painted rocks cause some kind of conflagration?

I didn't think of this until I was done.
This may have been one of my dumber ideas...


Content in a Cottage said...

Let us know what happens. I wish he would come and burn the weeds in my driveway.

Bob said...

I'm seeing Rock Fire.

Just sayin'.

S'A said...

Maybe it will just give it an interesting patina. Fingers crossed!