Tar and Abby

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This cracked me up this morning.
From Twitter @Elise_Andrew.
Does it count that I once let a spider live under my delete key.
And typed very carefully as he did not like typos...


mistress maddie said...

HA! Under the delete key? It must have been a small one.

Em said...

These are awesome!

I love spiders ... but I still move them outside. (I did, once, have a tarantula who hung out with my partner and me when we were outside on the porch. She was very happy when the light was on at night.)

the dogs' mother said...

Oh. my. a tarantula. Excuse me a minute.... eeeeeekkkkk! Okay I'm better now :-)
otoh, I was very fond of Lady Bullfrog when she lived in our pond.

Bob said...

Love it!