Tar and Abby

Friday, March 29, 2013

New house!

For my wee garden folk.


Em said...

If only I were an inch and a half tall. ;)

Bob said...

If you had photos of the interior, I could do an Architecture Wednesday!

S'A said...

Love it! I want a house with a round door, but maybe a bit bigger!

MakingSpace said...

Hey there - is there a way to follow you by email? I'm stopping my Google Reader since they'll be discontinuing it soon. Thanks in advance for any info.

the dogs' mother said...

Not that I can tell.
should still work? I sure hope so.
I get a short version of each blog I follow and I don't use the google reader button.

MakingSpace said...

Got it! I'll read you through the Blogger dashboard. Thanks!