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Monday, March 25, 2013

Most wonderfulness teenager - and smart

What kids eat for school lunch has always been an issue. When I was a wee child we had monitors who would prowl the tables and snap at us, 'Eat your green beans!!' I hated them then. I hate them now. I learned to stuff them in my empty milk container.

Now new guidelines mandate that certain things must be placed on the lunch tray. Kids toss them into the garbage. Ashley Croney, age 14, and an eighth grader decided that this food can be donated and she did the long and hard work to make it happen. The food goes to the needy.

What a simple and brilliant idea.
The whole article is here and a good blueprint for someone wanting to do the same.


Bob said...

This is a good example of what kids can do ... though, c'mon, apples and bananas are good!

mrs.missalaineus said...

had i had 15 students like this i may have made it through the year-

bless her heart-