Tar and Abby

Thursday, February 28, 2013

goodbye Top Chef Seattle

And we have a winner. No surprise that the winner's circle now has another woman to add to their ranks since Kristen and Brooke were the last two standing. Kristen was the first Last Chance Kitchen survivor - she who fell on her sword in Restaurant Wars.

So - the Iron Kitchen type finale was different. A little too dramatic for moi but it was nice to see past contestants and hear from them.

How did Seattle come off from the series. Luckily last summer was almost a drought so the umbrellas did not have to come out. How many cuts of the Space Needle did you see? Too many? Not one shot of fish being thrown at Pike Place Market? (Padma's vamping in the opening does not count.) No shots of traffic on I-5 which cuts right thru town. No shots of Lake Washington. Oh, well :-)

I'm glad Seattle won the latest slot for the show. Wonder where the next season will take place?


Bob said...

I liked Seattle as host city, but you're right, they only went pretty Seattle not traffic and cold and rainy and foggy and wet Seattle.

Bob said...

Because of jury duty, and stuff, I didn't see the finale until last night.
I don't like the iron Kitchen finale. I hope it's just a one shot deal!