Tar and Abby

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Science Heroes!

One of my favorite catalogs THINK GEEK has heroes of science t-shirts available. They asked us to vote for the next scientist to be t-shirted. I voted for Isaac Newton. I am almost finished writing a book for 10-yr-old nephew who is taking an online physics course. I'm combining Newton's various laws and inventions and Ralph the Squirrel (not to fear all science stuff double checked by The Engineer and  Eldest girlfriend C). Isaac Newton was just the kind of odd soul who mixes up nicely with a squirrel (at least in my hands he does!)
Abby has given her approval because she loves all the nieces and nephews.
Bookeman - wonderful, fun bookmaking site.


Joy said...

I, too, visit Think Geek often and order periodically. The book sounds interesting and informative. Glad you're doing that.

S'A said...

Neat site! I hadn't ever heard of it, but it has some interesting items (that I can't afford right now. But when I hit the lottery...!)