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Thursday, November 8, 2012

SparkTruck Educational Truth

Yes!! I loves this article from wired.com

"When Eugene Korsunskiy and seven of his fellow students from Stanford University’s design school set out to tour the nation in a brightly painted truck  full of laser cutters and rapid prototyping machines, they thought they were bringing a chance to play with high-tech maker tools to school kids who hadn’t had one yet.
And they were: SparkTruck, the educational make-mobile, made 73 stops this summer, treating 2,679 elementary and middle school students to hands-on workshops covering the basics of electrical engineering and digital fabrication, and giving a chance to make cool stuff in the process, like small robotic creatures and laser-cut rubber stamps.
But as the summer progressed, the SparkTruck team learned an unlikely lesson. The most rewarding part of the trip wasn’t introducing the kids to new technologies. Instead it was something far more basic: watching them struggle with design problems."

Full article here.

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S'A said...

That's interesting. It seems to me that my kids were taught to take tests, problem solving wasn't part of the program. I don't blame the teachers--most of them were good, but they had to teach the curriculum they were given.