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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fighting in the womb

Scientists were conducting a study of twins in the womb.
They observed that the twins seemed to be fighting!
Well of course they do.
I used to balance a plate on my stomach before our twins
were born and the two of them could knock the plate off
with their in the womb wrastling matches.
And the fact that Eldest came out with a black eye that
Daughter probably gave him was also no surprise.
The article makes an observation that this may explain
sibling rivalry to which I say 'bunk'. The twins always got
along great and still do to this day. And I would add that
I think boy/girl twins are an easy combination to raise - which
is just what my niece gave birth to recently (mom, dad and
babies all doing great!).

1 comment:

MakingSpace said...

Congrats on the birth of the new twinlets! So glad all are doing well. There's nothin' like twins.

I tend to look back and attribute personality characteristics to the girls based on how they are now, all the way back to the womb. But I doubt it means much, really.

Lucky to have twins, that's us!