Tar and Abby

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Abby sez, 'there be whales out there!'

Is there nothing a dog can't do - hmmm, cats?
This dog is sniffing out whale poo. Whale poo can tell scientists a lot about the whale health and we have a lot of whales around WA state.

"OFF THE COAST OF SAN JUAN ISLAND, Wash. — A dog named Tucker with a thumping tail and a mysterious past as a stray on the streets of Seattle has become an unexpected star in the realm of canine-assisted science. He is the world’s only working dog, marine biologists say, able to find and track the scent of orca scat, or feces, in open ocean water — up to a mile away, in the smallest of specks."

Full story here


Bob said...

Tuxedo can tell me when to be quiet.
Whenever i'm holding and telling him how handsome he is, after four or fives "Oh you are so handsome" he'll put a paw over my mouth.
He knows he's handsome he doesn't need to hear it all the time.

mistress maddie said...

There are many jobs for Abby out there! Tar on the other hand may jump in it.

Big Shamu said...

How the HELL???