Tar and Abby

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

vacation on PNW beaches & clean up tsunami debris!

Realities of the west coast right now. And inland which is a surprise.

"It's not just for ocean beaches anymore.
"This stuff's coming into rivers now," says Mike Caldwell, Deputy Director of the Oregon Military Department.
"Tsunami debris is getting washed up the rivers with the high tides.
A concern, because some items found in the Columbia River near Astoria have had invasive species on them.
Caldwell says in Oregon, the cost of dealing with the tsunami debris has nearly reached $500,000. Oregon and Washington have each received $50,000 in federal clean-up aid."
full story here.


S'A said...

What a mess. Stuff will probably be washing up for years.

Bob said...

My father has helped with some of the cleanup in Bellingham Bay. It's crazy the stuff that he's found.