Tar and Abby

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Technology doesn't always work...

Back from trip to Medford - by the grace of God...
Forget texting - trying to argue with the map app and Siri
on the iPhone will probably kill more people - especially
when yelling at it and trying to reprogram it while driving!!
"What do you mean left hand turn?! There is NO left turn!
Piece of *&#%@!!!"
Outside of Medford Siri decided we were driving into the wilderness full
of Zombies, showed no roads at all - just us wandering in a
featureless screen so it tried to reroute us to Crater Lake. Not
planning to go there this trip, Siri, take us back to Zombie Land.
Finally The Engineer, through gritted teeth, requested the paper map out
of the glove compartment - Luddites the world over rejoiced.
When we finally got to Bend we asked for a Denny's - Siri took us
thru a tour of several tiny back residential streets and delivered us
to a Jack in the Box. By then I was laughing so hard The Engineer
had to pass Siri to the back seat for Daughter to wrestle with.
I'm positive Siri had decided to deliver the van to a chop
shop and sell us into white slavery.


David Dust said...


Bob said...

Technology ain't all it's cracked up to be!

Turn left!!!!!

S'A said...

After your experience, I'm definitely sticking with my paper maps!

Beth said...


Mr.Mischief said...

I've had mine route me into a neighborhood only to come back out a few hundred feet later on the SAME main road I started out on many a time...lol

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Haha! Siri is only going to direct you to where corporate America wants you to go. Jack in the Box? No problem. Some road? Forget it. No $ in THAT! Do I sound jaded? ;) Hilarious post!

Sam said...

Siri has a sense of humor. FYI. I've tried several gps devices, only one has worked well enough to recommend it. VZ navigator by Verizon. Glad your home. Safe and same. Lol