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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love Colin Cotterill

After finishing the latest in his series starring Dr. Siri, Laotian coroner in 70s Laos, I went on to his new second series set in present day Thailand.

Killed at the Whim of a Hat "Jimm Juree was a crime reporter for the Chiang Mai Daily Mail with a somewhat eccentric family—a mother who might be drifting mentally; a grandfather—a retired cop—who rarely talks; a younger brother obsessed with body-building, and a transgendered, former beauty pageant queen, former older brother. When Jimm is forced to follow her family to a rural village on the coast of Southern Thailand, she’s convinced her career—maybe her life—is over."

Each chapter begins with a quote from George Bush the Younger - a Bushism. One of which contains the phrase 'killed at the whim of a hat'. Oddest literary device I've ever seen but makes sense later in the book.

I'm reading Grandad there's a Head on the Beach which has an equally hilarious chapter heading trick.

I love, love, love these books and I'm out after I finish this one until Mr. Cotterill releases another book. 


Bob said...

I've never heard of them so thanks for the tip!

Gail, northern California said...

Am I ever glad I stumbled onto your blog. For the life of me I can't remember the route that brought me here, but with today's post I am even more grateful. Books and dogs...what more could you ask?

Well....there is Lauren Scheuer's blog http://scratchandpeck.blogspot.com
Full of wonderful stories about her chickens and, you guessed it, her dog Marky and their houseguest Angel.

My mornings now start with your blog. Thank you.

the dogs mother said...

I gotta go check out that blog!