Tar and Abby

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear News Media,

It is a weird name.
Cle Elum is pronounced Clee El-um.
Anyone can mess that up.
But really, Cle Elum is NOT SW of Seattle.
It is SE.
Google Maps is your friend.


Tivo Mom said...

Whenever there is a basketball game involving NC State (which is in Raleigh), the announcers on ESPN (or other sports channels) say that they are broadcasting from Raleigh/Durham as if it is one city. By the way the 2 cities are 30 minutes apart and completely different. There is no possible way to be in Raleigh/Durham except when you go to the airport. It drives me nuts...

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

They never do their homework all the way. Ever notice on the TV series that are set in Seattle (i. e. Frasier, Grey's Anatomy)--whenever it "rains" it is also thundering and
lightning-ing? We know how often THAT happens ;) Cheesh.

the dogs mother said...

Or we have sun 365 days a year. (Close to that here in SE WA - which makes me irritable by September I tell you - a westside baby.)