Tar and Abby

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Lifetime, is all publicity good publicity?

Ven's model gets revenge. ruh-oh!
Blogging Project Runway has the scoop.
I think Lifetime has a lot to answer for - the challenge is always a disaster. They could have edited it a whole lot better. The continued bashing of Ven makes me uncomfortable. Maybe he really is that clueless. But Lifetime should have been kinder when confronted with the situation. It is not as if it hasn't happened before.


Bob said...

Of course, since it's a reality show they had to keep it real, but I had kind of wished Tim Gunn has simply said to Ven, "Shut up, and make the dress."

And I can't imagine Ven, even in his distaste for this old--40--fat--size 14--woman, that he would send her down the runway barefoot.

the dogs mother said...

That seemed odd - the shoes, etc.

Tivo Mom said...

agreed on the accessories thing. not to be bitchy because I felt for this woman but are we just seeing another case of stretching out the 15 minutes...

the dogs mother said...

I know I would not want to be subjected to any more public scrutiny.