Tar and Abby

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

update! the people speaketh!

The paper published this picture and accompanying story about how it is illegal and damned dangerous to jump from the bridges crossing our very big and swift Columbia River.
Enough people complained about yesterday's picture, including comments from the sheriff's office and the search and rescue people, detailing how dangerous it is. The river is not a swimming pool and the bridges are not diving boards.


Bob said...

I think they might need a better sign.

the dogs mother said...

How about -
The average flow of the Columbia river is 265,000 cubic feet per second. How fast can you swim??

Sam said...

We often go down to the Colorado in Bullhead City, AZ to jet ski and relax. This is the river that almost removed me from the living. The Columbia has never looked swimmer friendly either.