Tar and Abby

Thursday, June 21, 2012

These people haven't met Abby...

 (I feel their pain!)

An unexpected passenger aboard the International Space Station is sick and could die.

"I am afraid that if something is not done we are going to lose Sunflower," US astronaut Don Pettit wrote on May 5. "Our spacecraft is designed for animals so life can be a struggle for plants."

The sunflower in question, which Pettit has been trying to grow in the ISS, is afflicted with a fungal blight that has spotted its leaves. This ailment has afflicted other sunflowers grown in space: In 1982 in preparation for a space experiment called HEFLEX (see below), space sunflowers suffered a similar blight. Back then NASA adopted sterilization techniques, and the fungus did not reappear when the experiment flew in 1983.


Bob said...

Maybe Abby knows something we don't?

Like, invasion of the sunflowers!!!

mistress maddie said...

I though this corner of the Blogosphere was getting quite!!!! That Abby is something else. Just be glad she didn't eat it, there would be a trail of seeds later!

Joy said...

Sunflowers must be too happy for her.