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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Runway - the book!

The Show That Changed Fashion..... (?-really)
(Interesting note - the book is published by Weinstein Books - who also published book of
note - Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage) 

Hyperbole from Amazon's page
*Project Runway, the groundbreaking reality television series, premiered in 2004. Ten seasons into its run comes the official guide behind the scenes of a television and fashion landmark. In this book, fully illustrated with hundreds of photos, fans will learn how the show began and developed over the years, relive the highlights of seasons past, and learn what their favorite designers are doing today. The book will feature commentary from Heidi Klum throughout, as well as interviews with the people behind the scenes, top designers of ten seasons, and stars of the show: workroom mentor Tim Gunn and judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors. This is the ultimate source for all things Project Runway.*

Link to pre-order book, due out July 10.

Question - whose dresses are behind Heidi? I spot Austin's corn peel dress. Next to it is a top that someone made for Nina? The other two I'm drawing a blank on.


Bob said...

"The Show That Changed Fashion..... (?-really)"

Yeah, really?
Could be an interesting read, though, for PR whores like myself!

Sam said...

Your blogging has slowed. Are you busy? Abby and Tar have settled down? What gives?? Spill it sister.

Sam said...

What happened. I commented and poof it's gone. In my previous comment I wondered why your blogging had slowed. Tar and Abby haven't all Of a sudden become boring?? Spill it sister! Lol

the dogs mother said...

I have blogger set up so I see and approve all comments - that way I don't miss anyone! :-)

I have spurts and non-spurts - just depends on what's happening out there!

Sam said...

LOL Are you going to comment on the kindergarten teacher in San Antonio that had all the kids line up and slap a kid that was a known bully???

the dogs mother said...

I couldn't even read that!! :-0

Tivo Mom said...

I think one of the other dresses is Daniel V's flower dress from season 2 maybe. Hard to tell in the photo...

Joy said...

I'd like to read it if there's scoop!