Tar and Abby

Friday, June 1, 2012

doggy water solution #4

The planned shade for the deck went the way of vet bills of $6k for Labrador Heidi. Since these Labradors can cover the entire kitchen floor with slurps of water they have been moved to the deck. I was freezing water in the bowls which Abby removes and brings into the house to chew. So I went to trays of ice cubes. She will eat the entire tray before it melts. So I spend my days managing the water bowls.
Yesterday I bought this four gallon gravity fed dish. I can hide all the ice cubes in the reservoir! Clever dog owner! GB took one look at it and asked, "Do you know how much 4 gallons water weighs, Mom?" Um.... no. To the google! About 34+ pounds. And you have to flip the thing, while full, to put in it on. ak. It does have a filter thingy so all the water doesn't dump out at once.
This morning we experimented - I can handle about 2 gallons. But I did get the ice cubes in and Abby stared at them, unable to get to them and hopefully the whole thing will stay colder.
Next plan #5 will be to manufacture some shade somewhere. Right now I have a deck chair in front of it with a towel.


Bob said...

Oy! The things we do for our pets!

But then, the things they do for us.

Sam said...

The trick is to flip it very quickly. Lol.

S'A said...

can't you put the dish portion on (upside down) and then flip it? That's how the one we have works.

the dogs mother said...

We'll give it a whirl!!